Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic procedure using a new type of brace which can straighten teeth in just six months.

If you have ever felt unhappy with your smile or wished you could improve the colour, shape or length of your teeth so that you could flash a ‘celebrity style’ set of perfect teeth – then perhaps it’s time to consider a full smile “makeover” that K2 have now introduced as a new service for our clients.

It’s a new treatment called the “Six Month Smile” and it is a revolutionary orthodontic procedure using a new type of brace which can straighten teeth in just six months. It’s a quick and effective means of treating patients with orthodontic problems which affect their front teeth. The Six Month Smile system was pioneered in the USA where it has enjoyed great success and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK as more people seek to improve the quality of their smile within a short period of time.

K2 dentist Dr Zaki Kanaan, who regularly appears on the TV series “Extreme Makeover” and the Channel 4 series “Embarrassing Bodies” has recently been fully trained in all the 6 Month Smiles procedures that can create the smile you have always wanted. Why not call us now and we can book you in for an initial consultation so that we can assess whether the 6 Month Smile solution is right for you?

So why, you might ask, is the Six Month Smile so exciting? Quite simply it’s because crooked teeth makes us feel self-conscious, reserved, or even ashamed of our appearance. There are various solutions to treat crooked teeth but most take between18 months to 3 years to achieve results using conventional orthodontic treatment or clear braces. However, the 6 Month Smile solution can give you the smile that you want in a fraction of the time taken with conventional treatments.

The 6 Month Smile brace is essentially a system of clear wires and brackets that gently straightens teeth in much less time! This is done by focusing only on the teeth that show when you smile. So naturally we are delighted to be able to offer this innovative new service to our clients. The main reason that the Six Month Smile is such an incredible treatment is that it enables patients to achieve the look they’ve always wanted in just six short months. For many people, the idea of wearing a brace is daunting, as they associate orthodontic treatment with old-fashioned, bulky metal braces. However, recent advances in technology now mean that a variety of different treatments are available and the 6 Month Smile braces are proving to be extremely popular.

In contrast to traditional braces, Six Month Smile braces are lighter, finer and much more discreet. Although they are not completely invisible, like some other types of brace, they are much less obvious than conventional braces. But the best news is the short treatment time. It means you can prepare for a dream wedding, get ready for that important interview or simply boost your confidence by flashing an incredible looking smile.

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