Enlighten teeth whitening

Smile like a star with Enlighten teeth whitening in Fulham & Hammersmith.

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Enlighten teeth whitening in Fulham & Hammersmith

Our smile is often the first thing people notice about us and celebrities have been harnessing the power of a white smile for years.

Thanks to the Enlighten, you too can have a white smile without breaking the bank.

Using a combination of home and practice-based treatment, Enlighten teeth whitening is revolutionary and is known as one of the most predictable and customer-friendly methods out there.

Enlighten teeth whitening in three easy steps!
  • Step one:
    Each Enlighten teeth whitening procedure starts with a consultation to determine your suitability for the procedure. If it’s a suitable treatment for you an impression of your teeth is made for your whitening gel tray.

  • Step two:
    This impression is sent off to a dedicated lab where a set of custom-made and super-sealed trays are made. These whiten your teeth over a 14 day period, using the supplied Enlighten teeth whitening gel.

  • Step three:
    The final step in the Enlighten teeth whitening procedure is a 1-hour long deep bleaching treatment at our practice.

Enlighten teeth whitening in Fulham & Hammersmith

The benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening

The main benefit of the Enlighten teeth whitening system is that it delivers predictable results. In fact, it’s the only procedure on the market to guarantee any patient will whiten to at least B1 (the lightest shade on a dentist shade guide), regardless of their starting shade, age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

Other benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening include:

  • It’s pain-free
  • Produces natural-looking results
  • Whitens smiles in 2 weeks
  • Uses a lower concentration of bleaching gel than other procedures
Frequently asked questions
▸ Is Enlighten teeth whitening bad for my teeth?

No, Enlighten teeth whitening will not damage your gums or enamel. In fact, the gel it uses is far less concentrated than that used by other whitening products.

▸ How long will the results last?

On average, Enlighten teeth whitening produces results that will last up to around 3 years before you need a top up.

▸ How can I prolong the results of Enlighten teeth whitening?

Of course regular brushing is important. Apart from that, you should avoid foods that stain, such as tea, coffee, wine and curry. Also avoid smoking.

▸ How much does Enlighten teeth whitening cost?

You can find a full list of our prices, including Enlighten teeth whitening here.

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