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Protect your teeth with fissure sealants and repair cavities with fillings in Fulham & Hammersmith.

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To help repair cavities and protect against tooth decay we provide fissure sealants and fillings at our practice in Fulham & Hammersmith.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants in Fulham & Hammersmith

Fissure sealants are applied to the ‘pits’ and ‘fissures’ that naturally exist on the biting surfaces of your teeth.

These surfaces are susceptible to decay due to food deposits that gather and poor brushing techniques.

A fissure sealant seals these pits and fissures, helping to prevent cavities from forming and protecting against tooth decay.

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White & amalgam fillings

White & amalgam fillings in Fulham & Hammersmith

If you’re suffering from a cavity or a degree of tooth decay we can apply a filling to help prolong the life of your tooth.

We provide both white and amalgam (silver) fillings. White fillings are popular due to their improved aesthetic appearance, durability and lifespan over amalgam fillings, although amalgam fillings are available if you prefer.

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Sealants & fillings in children

As a responsible dentist we aim to prevent rather than cure.

Where children are concerned we may apply a fissure sealant to their back teeth, protecting their teeth from the inevitable sugary foods and bad brushing techniques while they are growing up.

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Replacing sealants & fillings

Due to the invasive treatment required we don’t usually recommend the replacement of a sealant or filling unless it’s necessary. However, if a sealant or filling does need to be replaced we can arrange this appointment for you.

If you have an older amalgam filling we can replace this with a new ‘white filling’ that matches the colour of your teeth for a more aesthetic appearance.

  • Sealants help to prevent cavities from forming
  • Fillings prevent further tooth decay
  • Sealants & fillings can be matched to the colour of your tooth
Frequently asked questions
▸ How much do sealants & fillings cost?

A fissure sealant is £60. An amalgam filling is £95 – £160. A white filling is £120 – £195. Our full price list is published here.

▸ What are the alternatives to fillings?

A fissure sealant can be applied, but this is used as a preventative measure to protect teeth and avoid fillings in the first place. For more advanced cases we could apply a dental inlay/onlay or a dental crown. Our dentist will advise you accordingly.

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